Saturday, January 24, 2015

Episode 153: "Return on Investment"

You get what you pay for.

Episode 152: "Spin City"

It's a revolution in orbital mechanics!

Episode 151: "Redevelopment District"

When I attend a staff development that's useful, I almost don't know how to react.

Episode 150: "Good Cop"


Episode 149: "Think, Share, Burp"

I am glad no one suggested using a can of Slim Jims. I can only eat so many of them.

Episode 148: "Reallocating the Budget"

I collect the leftover pens left in meeting rooms.

Episode 147: "Checked Out"

I never want to be the keynote speaker just before the conference ends. 

Episode 146: "Subconscious Conscience"

Buzzwords carelessly flung about the room are a risk to life and limb.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Episode 142: "Quick Fix"

I love it when I walk up, push one button, fix it and walk away. 

Episode 141: "1.21 Gigabytes"

It's probably too subtle, but I can't go back to fix it without ruining the timeline. 

Episode 140: "And We're Back!"

Raise your hand if you've had a kid in class you didn't realize wasn't supposed to be there. 

Episode 139: "Too Long;Didn't Read"

By the people, for the people, about the people and if you don't get it, you suck. 

Episode 138: "Back to the Future"

You may be laughing now, but mark my words....

Episode 137: "The Fight"

I once broke up a fight with a lecture on inertial mass. 

Episode 136: "Many Reboots Theory"

In some universe somewhere, this joke is funny. 

Episode 135: "Macguyvering"

I totally stole that line from Miss Combs.